Displaying of Signs in Yards

There has been quite a bit of confusion around the displaying of signs around the Franklin Trace community, and I must admit that I was a bit confused as well. Below are the guidelines from the current (and previous) covenants around the displaying of signs:

5B. Signs. No signs or advertisements shall be displayed or placed on any lot or structures in the Development without written approval of the committee except for home or lot sales signs.

Please do not display any other types of commercial signs (i.e. lawn treatment, construction/repair, etc.)

Personal message signs (i.e. graduations, birthdays, school/team participation, etc.) are currently considered to be pre-approved by the committee; the general guideline is 1 week for displaying such signs. These signs should not contain advertisements for businesses (i.e. should in primarily/prominently feature business phone numbers, business names, etc.)

Home security system signs are approved for display. They should be located near the house, close to the shrubbery / landscaping.

For the common areas of the community, no signs are allowed at all, except with the explicit approval of the  committee for a very limited amount of time (i.e. community annual meetings, yard sales, block parties, etc..)

If you have any questions, please contact the Franklin Trace Board and the Property Management Company.

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