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Pond Maintenance Access

As all lots in Franklin Trace are now developed, our aquatic services contractor can no longer use empty or undeveloped lots to access retention ponds A and B.  Therefore, the contractor must now use the already established pond access easements noted with red arrows on the attached diagram.  The numbers on the red arrows indicate through which lots the easement is located (e.g., the west pond access easement to pond A is located equally between lots 199 and 200).


We don’t anticipate any changes to the current access points on ponds C and D, as the lots abutting those ponds have been developed for some time, and retention pond access is already well established.

It’s imperative that we continue to treat the retention ponds as efficiently as possible, requiring regular (weekly) access to all ponds, April through October.  The folks who service our retention ponds are experienced professionals and have been managing the ponds in Franklin Trace, and many other communities for many years. They understand the concerns homeowners have with their use of the pond access easements on their lots.  Not only do they use good judgement when accessing a pond (i.e., they don’t access ponds in very wet conditions or they use another access easement that is more conducive to conditions on that day), but they accept responsibility for any repair that is necessary if the turf is damaged through their use of the pond access easement.

Please help your HOA as it works to properly treat the retention ponds, minimizing weed and algae growth, and ensuring the pond fountains are properly maintained.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.