If your mailbox needs to be replaced, it must exactly match the style specified by the homeowners covenants. Replacement mailboxes for Franklin Trace can be obtained from the vendors below;  tell them that you live in Franklin Trace subdivision and make sure your new mailbox matches the existing designs. Here are some mailbox vendor options:

Estes Designs
(317) 899-5556
345 S. Post Road Indianapolis, IN 46219

Mailbox Solutions
Benjamin – mailboxsolutions[at]sbcglobal[dot]net
(317) 460-1010
10999 Rutgers Lane Fishers, IN 46038

Otto’s Streetscape Solutions
Hilary Kindred – hkindred[at]ostreetscape[dot]com
(317) 886-4400
2449 E. Main Street, Greenwood, IN 46143

The paint color for the post is Sage Brush (formerly known as Caporale Beige) and it’s sold by the quart.  It can be purchased from Dannemiller True Value Hardware or Porter Paint in Greenwood.

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  1. It looks like Porter Paints changed their system. They do not a record of a color called Sage Brush. I showed them a picture of the code for caporale beige and they couldn’t even match that. They want me to bring in the old can and paint match it. Do we have a new official color for mail boxes?

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