Spring 2016 Update

Here’s a brief update of all the things going on in the neighborhood:

  • Drainage Tile at Southport Road Entrance: The drainage tile at the Southport Road entrance is broken. This has been reported to the city and they have taken responsibility for fixing it. Update: The repair has been scheduled for some time around June 1; we have requested that the date be pulled up, but not sure that we can make it happen any earlier.
  • Change in Landscaping and Snow Removal Vendor: Due to multiple performance issues in 2015, Franklin Trace left our long-term vendor Brickman and has moved to ProCut for 2016. They will be responsible for any remaining snow removal as well as spring clean-up, mulching, and mowing of the common areas. The the head of ProCut maintained our community previously when working for a different vendor, so we are expecting a smooth transition.
  • Pond Easement for Northwest Pond: The board has identified the easement locations so that our pond vendor can have boat access to the pond in the northwest corner of the neighborhood. Owners on the lot with the easement will be contacted so that boat access can be coordinated.
  • Mailbox Reminder: Please remember that all mailboxes must be in good condition and painted the proper color. Please see our Mailboxs page for more details.
  • Spring 2016 Yard Sale Day: May 21, 2016 will be the day of our spring yard/garage sale. We will coordinate with surrounding communities (Franklin Parke Estates, Breckenridge)
  • Pool Water in Storm Drain Reminder: Please do not drain chlorinated or chemically-treated water into the storm drains when opening or closing your pools. This is resulted in large fish kills in the past and is an EPA violation.
  • Silt and Depth of Retention Ponds: Our pond maintenance vendor surveyed all ponds. All ponds are functioning properly and there is no need to dredge or remove silt. If homeowners around a particular pond want to dredge for aesthetic reasons, it would be the responsibility of those homeowners to fund the work.
  • Annual Meeting: The annual HOA meeting will be Wednesday, June 1st, 2016 at the Franklin Library (next to El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant.)

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