Community Deed Restrictions / Covenants / By-Laws:

Architectural Requirements:

Plat Map of Community:

Section Map of Community:

Ponds and Pond Access Easements:

Common Areas:

  • Map:  PDF download or JPEG download
  • Along Southport road (25′ from the center of Southport road): lawn maintenance, dry creek bed maintenance, trees, irrigation
  • Entry (sign, center island, strip directly adjacent to Republic Lane): lawn maintenance, electricity, landscaping lights, trees, irrigation, mulch/landscaping
  • 3 ponds within the neighborhood:  water maintenance, fountains, electricity to the fountains. Each adjacent homeowner is responsible for maintenance of the bank up to the water line.
  • Overflow pond east of the neighborhood: water maintenance, mowing around the bank
  • Pond northeast of neighborhood: no responsibility

Other Documents:

Canfield Pond Maintenance Easement:  PDF Download. Easement Agreement #1996-0145862 requires the Franklin Trace HOA to maintain the bank of the pond to the east of the subdivision. This pond is required for adequate storm water drainage for the subdivision. The city would not have approved creation of the subdivision without this additional storm water drainage capacity. The pond is located to the east of the subdivision and is not within the plat of the subdivision.

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  1. I’m not sure who I’m asking this question to – Alig or the FT Board?
    regarding mailboxes: Is there a charge from Caporale Post for a relaced mailbox? I tried to get them to replace our mailbox since the first 2 to 3 years that we lived in Franklin Trace with no luck. The door to the box would not close well from the beginning and mail gets wet and the rust continues to spread. I tried sanding the rust away but if the door doesn’t close correctly, it’s useless.
    Thank You for your help/suggestions.
    Jane Ianni

    1. Jane, I’m unaware of any warranty or replacement coverage by Caporale Post. Other than addressing issues at the time of installation, I don’t believe there is any type of replacement policy. We have not tried to identify an alternative mailbox supplier because the style and color must be the same for all houses. If a mailbox is several years old and needs to be replaced, purchasing a new one from Caporale Post is the simplest solution.

      I believe that the mailboxes are painted, galvanized metal, which is fairly rust resistant but not indefinitely so. If rust makes it below the galvanized coating, it is pretty much impossible to restore the metal and prevent rust from quickly returning.

      I had an issue with my mailbox door continually opening. It was because the plastic latch on the top of the mailbox was too loose. I resolved the issue by placing a wood spacer under the top plastic holder inside the mailbox, making it press against the door latch more firmly.

      If anyone else has information or suggestions, please let us know.

  2. Here is some information from Caporale Post on replacement mailboxes:

    • Mailbox and installation: $84.53 plus $45.00 to install.
    • Post and mailbox installed: $261.08 plus $75.00 to install
    • Mailbox picked up from Caporale Post: $84.53
    • Post picked up from Caporale Post: $176.55.
    • A mailbox can be shipped via FedEx for $15.00.

    The paint color for post is beige, sold by the quart for $11.76 or it can be purchased from Dannemiller True Value hardware or Porter Paint.

    They do offer a discount of 10% for orders of 12 or more; installation is not discounted. It takes about 10-14 days to complete order, for pick-up or installed.

    You can call 883-3725 to place an order; Ann or Laura can take your order.

  3. Caporale Post Inc. is closing. Most of the mail boxes in the neighborhood are in need of repair, including mine. I propose that we take this opportunity to find a new vender and replace all of the mailboxes with funds from the association dues. Seeming that this is process would add an element of uniformity currently missing from our addition; I recommend that this is done at least every four years. A new coat of paint on the posts would not hurt either.


  4. Please tell me that farm animals of any kind including hen and rooster raising are prohibited. Can someone answer this question.? Thank you Concerned neighbor

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