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AT&T Fiber Project Update

Hello, it has come to the attention of the HOA that homeowners are wanting the HOA to get involved in grievances with AT&T. KMC is currently providing direction with any issues, but we wanted to provide you with a few details, including who you should reach out to for questions, concerns, and complaints.

*AT&T didn’t notify or ask permission (to/of the HOA) to run fiber lines.

*AT&T worked within their utility easement.

*AT&T committed to “make it right”.

*Any issues are between the homeowner and AT&T.

If you have any concerns, questions, or complaints, you can contact:

Shak Ali of Verita Telecommunications Corporation

Cell: (313) 970-1636

Office: (734) 862-4790

sali@veritacorp.com or info@veritacorp.com

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