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2017 Annual Meeting Minutes

Minutes of 2017 Franklin Trace Property Owners Association Annual Meeting

Date:  June 7, 2017

Location:  Franklin Township Library

Franklin Trace Residents Present at meeting: Kirkpatrick Property Management collected signatures of home owners in attendance.

FTHOA Representatives Present at meeting: Ryan Roberson, Carlton Bale, Wendy Harlow, Keith Pope, Jim Smith, Michelle Beatty

Meeting Minutes:

  • The Board of Directors (BOD) called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm; quorum was established.
  • The Board of Directors reviewed the minutes from the 2016 Annual meeting with the homeowners; the minutes were approved with no objections.
  • The Board of Directors shared a Presentation covering key topics, which are summarized below:
  • There was a sidewalk/light inspection that took place and the results were shared; majority of residents fixed lightbulbs and initiated sidewalk repairs
  • Addressed some questions regarding sidewalk issues and how to repair
  • Discussed the status of easement access to ponds A and B, noting that significant progress had been made (all ponds are accessible for efficient and cost effective treatment) but still working with a few homeowners to gain easement access to the ponds.
  • Reviewed the comprehensive list of accomplishments.
  • Reviewed Board resolution FY2017-001a concerning Architectural Control Committee (ACC) requests and solar energy systems. The board resolution specifies a consistent set of guidelines required for solar energy system ACC submissions and approvals. The board resolution specifies solar shingle-type installations, which are consistent to the Franklin Trace deed restrictions requiring architectural-style shingles, as opposed to panels-type installations. The intent being to maintain community aesthetics and consistency while positioning Franklin Trace as one of the most solar-friendly/high-end communities in Marion county.
  • Financial position was provided including a new reserve analysis (five years since the last analysis); Franklin Trace is in sound financial position; no questions were asked.
  • Ryan presented the proposed FY2018 budget; dues stand at $570 per year (no HOA dues increase again this year); homeowners approved the FY2018 budget.
  • Nomination and election of candidates for the BOD took place with Jim Smith and Michelle Beatty of Kirkpatrick Management tallying the votes. Jim Smith informed all that the Bylaws of the Franklin Trace Property Owners’ Association specified the membership of the Board of Directors is 5 members. A ballet was used to the collect the vote. Nominees for 2018 were: Carlton Bale, Rebecca Coates, Wendy Harlow, Sarah Myles, Keith Pope, Ryan Roberson and he confirmed members for FY2018 are: Carlton Bale, Rebecca Coates, Wendy Harlow, Keith Pope, Ryan Roberson

Open Discussion Items:

  1. Muskrats are still around the ponds, Michelle from KMC will address (noted at Pond D).
  2. Sidewalk issue with tree roots (how to fix) Michelle with KMC is working on this.
  3. Homeowner requested that the minutes from last year and this year be placed on the Franklin Trace website.
  4. Pond D has major issues that need addressed at the edge and banks, (looks dirty around the pond) the BOD advised the homeowner to send pictures to Michelle since she is not allowed to enter on private property. BOD requested resident to submit official compliant on FranklinTrace.com website complaint form.
  5. The stop sign at the corner of Franklin Parke Blvd and Dickinson Lane was replaced, by the City, with a non-decorative post; Michelle to work on installation of matching decorative post.
  6. Solar panels were brought up and Joey thanked the board. Informed that ACC request had been submitted.
  7. Several homeowners noted mailbox issues; Michelle to get with the BOD and send violation letters including approved mailbox suppliers and other key items regarding replacement (i.e., color of mailbox, color of post, font for address).
  8. Resident brought up issue of kids riding bicycle through Canfield property. BOD informed resident that this was a legal matter and outside the scope of the BOD. Recommended for Canfields to contact local police if trespassing was an issue with them.

The meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.

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