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2014-August Improvement Projects

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The focus of the Board of Directors for 2014/2015 will be on maintaining and improving the community. To help make this more apparent to homeowners, we will publish periodic updates for ongoing improvements. Here’s the current list:

  • The clean-up of the NW corner of the neighborhood (adjacent to Southport Road next to the corn field) was completed on 11-Aug-2014. (responsibility: HOA/landscaping contractor)
  • Two dead trees will be replaced on Southport Road (responsibility: HOA/landscaping contractor)
  • Purple plum bush on the right side as you’re coming into Franklin Trace will  be trimmed down to remove dead limbs and allow new growth at the bottom (responsibility: HOA/landscaping contractor)
  • Trim trees that are affecting the walking path in front of the subdivision (responsibility: HOA/landscaping contractor)
  • There is a street light out on Southport; light number will be reported to IPL for repair. (responsibility: HOA Board)
  • Removing trailer parked for long term in non-approved area (responsibility: home owner)
  • Removing boat parked for long term in non-approved area (responsibility: home owner)
  • Removing excessive weeds from flower bed (responsibility: home owner)

Ongoing opportunities: It’s difficult to identify and address all issues, so we ask that all homeowners continually try to eliminate these frequent problem areas to help maintain consistency throughout the community.

  • Trash cans left out during the week (they should be 100% out of sight from the street or a neighbors view except for trash pickup.)
  • Patio furniture/kids toys left in the driveway; if your neighbors can see it then it shouldn’t be there.
  • Mailboxes should all be of the same construction and color as specified in the covenants/website.
  • Yard lights need to be in working condition and turn on automatically every night per covenants.
  • Parking of vehicles for excessive times in the street or long-term storage in driveways per covenants.

If you have any specific questions, please use the website contact form.

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