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Reapply Newspaper Subscription Stickers to New Mailboxes

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Many residents have recently replaced or will soon be replacing their mailboxes.  When installing a new mailbox, be sure to remove the newspaper subscription stickers from the old mailbox and apply them to the new mailbox. You can also call your newspaper and they can tell the carrier your address and have a new sticker applied. If the sticker is not there, the carrier assumes that there is a subscription change and may stop delivery to your address.

The multi-colored dots on mailboxes are placed there by the newspaper to identify which (if any) papers should be delivered there.  Red and White dots are for the Indianapolis Star (soon to be Red only as the Star changes to requiring daily paper subscribers to also take the Sunday paper) and a Blue dots are for the non-Indianapolis papers like Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Financial Times, NY Times, etc.

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