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Indianapolis Police Security Information from the Annual Meeting

IMPD Presented the Following Information at the Annual Meeting:

  • Franklin Trace has had 3 burglaries over the past 13 months
  • There have been 4 car break-ins over the same period
    • Don’t ever leave anything in the car. Don’t leave a garage door opener in your car as it could be used to gain access to your house after breaking into your car.
    • At night, keep the door between your garage and house locked in case someone gets into your garage at night.
  • All home break-ins take place during the day; the burglars knock on the front door and then break down the door if no one is home.
  • The target homes are mostly single homes (like on Franklin Road), not neighborhoods, but neighborhood break-ins occur as well.
  • The police did recently catch someone, that person turned in the other 2 people in the group.
    • Many stolen items were recovered from the 2 hotel rooms where they were staying. For most of the items, they don’t know who the owner is because owners didn’t record serial numbers.
  • Be sure to record serial numbers of all valuables and take pictures of jewelry and other similar valuables without serial numbers.
  • When you are working in your back yard, don’t leave the garage door open or the front door unlocked, as quick break-ins can occur during these times.
  • There is such thing as a Police Vacation Request, which they call a Patrol When Possible.  The request form can be filled out at the police department. When away, stop mail and other deliveries and have someone walk around your house to leave tracks in the snow (in winter.)
  • Get to know your neighbors and communicate with each other to help reduce the likelihood of crime.
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