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Please Vote on Franklin Trace Unified Covenants

November 9th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

All residents of Franklin Trace have been mailed a copy of the of the proposed Unified Covenants and a Voting slip by Kirkpatrick Management on behalf of the Franklin Trace Board.  As we discussed at the annual meeting, there are 3 very similar sets of covenants in effect for the various sections of Franklin Trace (5A, 5B, 8, 9, 10, 11.) This new version unifies all of Franklin Trace under one common set of covenants.

We are asking all residents to either return the proxy form your recieved in the mail or to go to this page and vote:  http://www.franklintrace.com/vote-on-covenant-changes/

A marked-up version of the covenants showing all changes is available on the page above.

Here is a brief summary of all of the changes. Please note that some sections already have some of these in effect, while others are on different versions which include different wording or nothing at all.

  • The language describing satellite dishes has been amended from a complete prohibition to allowing dishes less than one meter in diameter to be installed in compliance with FCC regulations. (This less-strict version is already in effect in some sections.)
  • The tree requirement has been standardized for all lots. One version of the covenants did not specify the quantity for a specific type of tree. (This more detailed version is already in effect for most sections.)
  • All driveways must be concrete. Asphalt is not permitted. (In some versions, concrete was specified but asphalt was not clearly prohibited.)
  • Lot maintenance requirements have been clarified. (Some details were unclear or missing from some versions.)
  • Vehicle parking restrictions have changed. (Different versions included different restrictions; this was updated from all previous versions due to pedestrian safety concerns.)
  • Wells may now be allowed for irrigation and geo-thermal heating purposed. (In some versions, all wells were prohibited.)
  • The percentage vote to amend the covenants is changed to 51% from 75% for sections 9 & 11 to match all other Sections. (The existing 75% requirement is typical of builder/developer managed subdivisions; 51% is typical of owner managed subdivisions.)

Please go to this page and vote and to view the unified covenants document:  http://www.franklintrace.com/vote-on-covenant-changes/

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