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Car and Garage Break-in

This past Tuesday night, there was another car break-in. The thieves used the garage door opener and gained access to the garage and the cars within as well. Tools and other valuables were stolen.

To help reduce the chances of theft, please remove all valuables from vehicles parked outside and also remove all garage door openers.

Here is a list of suggestions given by the police officer that presented at the annual meeting:

  • Do become acquainted with your neighbors and give them your name and phone numbers for an emergency.
  • Do let your neighbors know when you are leaving for the day or a longer period of time.
  • Do make a list of serial numbers of electronic equipment of all kinds you own as pawn shops register items via serial numbers and police do a check via serials numbers.
  • Do remove you garage door opener from you car when parking in your drive.  A thief can break into you car,  open your garage door and take what they want.
  • Do put garage door opener out of sight or remove from visor and put in your purse when shopping.  Thief’s can break-in your car, steal the opener, look in your glove box at registration for address and go to your home and take what they want.  Officers suggest that you carry your registration on your person opposed to the glove box.
  • Do lock your doors when you are home.
  • Do close your garage doors when you are home.
  • Do utilize outside lighting if available.
  • Do call police if something suspicious is talking place in your neighborhood or at your neighbors.
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