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Garage Sale was a Great Success!

Many families participated in the neighborhood garage sale last Saturday, and it was a huge success!  I woke up to a dark sky and rain on Saturday morning, and at about 7:30 I looked out the window to see the street in front of my house packed with cars cruising the garage sale before it even began!  Evidently those early birds start shopping early, rain or shine.  I grabbed an umbrella and walked down the street to check out the garage sales, and everyone’s garage had a lot of shoppers already.  I didn’t mean to shop, but since I “happened” to have a few dollars in my pocket, I found some great deals for the kids at the Shoreys’ and the Coats’s houses.  I hope everyone’s garage sale was a success…at one home where I stopped, the family’s main goal that day was to sell a washer and dryer.  They told me that someone stopped by first thing in the morning and bought the appliances, before they even had a price tag on them!

Thanks to everyone who helped organize the garage sale, especially Sherrell Smith, whose jewelry business sponsored the big sign out in front of the neighborhood!


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