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Southport Road Turn Lane Drainage Update

The city removed part of the curb and created a drainage ditch to drain the standing water out of the Southport road turn lane into the subdivision. This will resolve the 10-year-old problem of standing water in the turn lane for days at a time. We’re checking to see if they will be lining the ditch with gravel. If not, the board will have the ditch lined and filled-in with gravel to prevent erosion.

Out of the 4 major problem with with front entrance, three have now been solved. The fourth requires significant investment by the city and it is unknown if/when this can be resolved.

  1. Resolved: Gravel drainage ditch along Southport road was clogged with sediment. Ditch was reworked in early 2009.
  2. Resolved: Water would not drain out of the turn lane into the subdivision. City modified curb and installed drainage ditch.
  3. Resolved: Pot hole in turn lane. City repaired road.
  4. Outstanding: Drainage pipe under Southport road is undersized. It is 8-inches in diameter and need to be 12- or 14-inches. During periods of heavy rain, water from the drainage ditch will overflow and temporarily cover Southport road until the downpour ends. The city would have to dig-up Southport Road and replace the current drain pipe with a new pipe. It is unknown if this work is planned by the city.
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