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Homeowner Meeting Agenda – Feedback Requested

Below is the agenda for the Homeowners’ Meeting Next week. Please let us know of any changes or revisions.

Franklin Trace HOA
Annual Meeting – Franklin Township Public Library

Opening Statement/Board introduction: Paul

Budget Update: Matt – Carol

  • o Discuss new budget:
  • o Discuss future considerations:
    • Pond pump
    • Website
    • Uncollectable fees
  • Share adjusted yearly HOA fee

Discuss FTHOA Website: Carlton

  • Discuss the purpose and value of the website
  • Discuss information available on the website
  • Solicit additional ideas for the website

FTHOA Report – Board Members

  • Discuss past years accomplishments
  • Discuss goals for the new year
    • Review current contracts (mowing, landscaping, snow removal, pond maintenance)
    • Pursue drainage issues at the entrance with the City of Indianapolis
    • Review and update current FT covenants

HOA Discussion: Board Members

  • 2009/2010 HOA Board Volunteers
  • 2009/2010 Board Alternate
  • Construction Approvals: Board agreed to have Margie Litz perform the Architectural and Construction reviews and approvals
  • Community Inspections will be conducted by Board members and Alig (volunteers are welcome)
    • Maintenance of vacant lots
    • Maintenance of residential properties (Bushes, weeds, trees, mailboxes, painting)
    • Pond Maintenance (contamination of ponds)
    • Discuss areas maintained by HOA

Open Discussion


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