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Update on Southport Road Turn Lane

The board spoke with the Mayors Action Coalition and the hole in the turn lane off of Southport Road has been repaired (case # 1-233-155-66.)

An inspector from the city is going to review the drainage situation (case # 1233-158-40), although we have yet to set a date. As you are probably aware, there are two issues with drainage:

  1. Water pools in the turn lane because it is a low point and there is no storm drain to remove the water. There can be standing water in the turn lane for days at a time.
  2. The drainage pipe that goes north under Southport road is too small. During heavy downpours, the water will overflow the drain and cover Southport road and the turn lane into the neighborhood. This overflow condition can last for a couple of hours or more, depending on rainfall.

More updates will be posted as the become available.

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