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Contamination and Fish Kill in Retention Ponds

The company that maintains our ponds called today to inform us of a fish kill in two of our retention ponds, most likely caused by chemical contamination. The pond showing the most significant signs of contamination is the one located between Republic Lane and Dickinson Lane. The company informed us that one of the most common causes is the treating and draining swimming pools.

We ask all residents to please be sure that no chemicals are poured into the ponds or the storm drains, which feed directly into the ponds.  All of the ponds within the area are inter-connected and contamination in one pond can affect all. Please check with Veolia Water (http://www.IndianapolisWater.com/, 317-631-1431) to see if chemicals or treated water can deposited into the sewer and, if not, find an approved method of disposal.

A few years ago, someone poured left-over driveway sealer into a storm drain.  This resulted in a multi-thousand-dollar fee from an enviornmental clean-up company contracted by the association. Please be sure to avoid any possibility of contamination in the future.

Update: See Andrea’s comment below. She spoke to the Storm Drain division of Indianapolis and they stated that it is illegal to drain pools into storm drains.  The retention ponds are part of the storm drain system.

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  1. Andrea
    May 21st, 2009 at 08:51 | #1

    According to the Storm Drain division of Indianapolis it is illegal to drain a pool into a storm drain. Draining it into the sewer is what you are supposed to do.

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